May 13, 2019
Issue 05 2019

Creative Writing


Korimako, according to my ears,

Have the most melodious song

Of our birds still common

But even they are becoming

More sparsely heard

And horopito rarely exists

With all its medicinal benefits

But I bet you've heard

Of the analgesic properties of peppertree

You've probably even applied it as a cream

Or drank it as a tea

Matauranga when it's convenient

And if tui wasn't easy

For those whom are lazy

They'd be parsonbirds too.

Don't forget the laughing owl,

Whekau, she isn't laughing now.

The nectar is still there

Like the crackling of the forest

But now the kaka starve

As wasps steal their livelihoods

And titipounamu

All but lost their tales (tails)

When they became the riflemen

Of this colonial brigade

Where if you weren't a Norwegian rat,

Rattus norvegicus,

Or another invader from the allied lands

You most likely perished

Under the reign of the white man.

Here I am

Watching the world fall down around me

Like a paraplegic in pompeii

And we still suck puss from cow titties

While our waterways inhale the waste

It’s not wonder our tuna all have inflamed anuses

Most don’t even know what kaitiakitangi is

So is it really progress

When the matauranga expert gets ten seconds

In a news piece on pouakai

While two pakeha men hog all the airtime

Flexing as they explain how they recreated something

Foreign to any of their bloodlines

Probably cut from the same cloth as

Pseudo-M-feminists wearing their stance like ILU garments

While their lovers are constantly gaslit

Sometimes being an ally means stepping aside

But my peers still moan at scholarships not addressed to them

Although they also label dogs as their best friends

While our kennels are rampantly overrun

So here i am

Watching the world fall down around me

And all i can do is sport this cyni-manic grin