March 3, 2019
Massive Issue 01 2019

Artist Feature: Sanne Van Ginkel

Give me an elevator pitch of your style

I'm originally from the Netherlands but moved to Wellington to continue my passion for creativity. I have always loved working with people and loved photographing them! Especially in Wellington – you become so inspired by the people around you, which drives lot of my projects. My style is relaxed and natural, with mainly portraiture and documentary styled imagery.

When did you first start getting into photography?

I always had an interest in photography and design, ever since I was young. My dad was a photographer so watching him work really interested me! During high school I started to do more photography of my own and knew I would go on to further my studies in photography and design. While at university I started working professionally, picking up any job I could, not limiting myself to any particular field of photography. I ended up working commercially a lot, but also ended up doing events, real estate, family, maternity, pets, and weddings (which ultimately led me to where I am now!)

What did you study?

I studied a Bachelor of Design with Honours
(Photography Major).  

Advice for any budding photographers out there?

If you want it bad enough, you'll get there! I think the key is to not give up when things don't work straightaway.
It takes a while to get out there as a photographer. But it’s important to remember that people talk, and it will only be a matter of time before more people know about you. I also know it’s important to chase work as it doesn't always come to you. This can be scary but the worst you could get is a no, and that's not that bad! I used to be quiteself-conscious about my work, and always second guessed myself, but it’s important to be confident in your own work! If you believe in your work, other people will too.