July 16, 2019
Issue 07 2019

Artist Feature: Pip Phillipa Clark

Give us an elevator pitch of your artwork?

I draw cartoons with strong linework; I draw characters with movement and action. Plenty of dynamism, but always a balanced composition. A strong focus on body diversity. 

What did you study? 

I studied a Bachelor of Design at Massey University! Haha, hey Mike and Caroline ... hope I'm making you proud (doubt it! They are impossible to please!)

Advice for budding artists?

Get your mental health in order. Seriously! The biggest leaps I've made in my art career are alongside huge steps in mental wellbeing (it's not a coincidence) so my advice is to do whatever it takes - get out of that toxic environment, break up with that horrible partner, see that counsellor, slow down on those bongs - to get your brain ready and agile and good. Good enough to manage being an artist. It's a fucking slog you guys.

Plug your social media here:


facebook.com/picturesbypip or look up "Pip aka Phillipa Clark"

Insta: @performance.improvement.plan