May 27, 2019
Issue 06 2019

Artist Feature: Chris Brown

Give me an elevator pitch of your style:

I'm drawn to all sorts of things. I think the three main things that link or drive my photos in one way or another would be humor, sadness and colour. They could be the points of the triangle, and each photo might sit somewhere in between them.

What inspired these photographs?

These photos talk about a party. And success.

Advice for any budding photographers out there?

I genuinely think so much of it is a numbers game. The more photos you take, the higher the chance of a good one coming out, the better you're gonna get along the way. That's not to say passion and curiosity and care and thinking don't play a huge part in it; there's no question they do. The more you take and think about the photos you’re taking, the better they'll get.

Plug your social media here:

Instagram: christophermenziesbrown