July 29, 2019
Issue 08 2019

Artist Feature: Aleisha Marinkovich

Elevator pitch:

‘Woman Love Flowers’ is a series of collages made from pornographic magazine material and pressed flowers. The series is an exploration of the notion of desire, and the form that it takes in our contemporary society. It is exhibited in print format for gallery settings, and is also being developed into a zine, where it will be paired with writings that explore this theme further, and comment on strength in the female gaze, censoring, and the industry of porn.

What inspired this series?

I’ve got an increasing interest to understand and depict the attributes of pleasure and desire in present-day environments, and this project was my first exploration of that. Though there are many aspects within those themes that could be studied, I decided to focus on sexuality first. As the nature of collage tends to be, this series was primarily all play and most conceptual thinking was done later. I purchased my first pornographic magazine, and had a play with some scissors and pressed flowers until I got the result I wanted.

What did you study?

I completed two years of a BFA at Elam School of Fine Arts, and have now transferred into Massey and am studying Visual Communication Design.

Social Media Plug: Instagram: @aleishamarinkovich