May 13, 2019
Issue 05 2019

Artist Feature

Capturing the horizon can present a challenge when one wants everything their eye can see in one image. This is why landscape panoramic stitches is one of my favorite types of photography. The greater the adventure and challenge, the more satisfying the final product and the better the story!

Atempting a panoramic stitches means someone has to find themselves in a beautiful area with no technological obstruction for kilometres around. For best results this involves skiing, climbing, hiking, or sea kayaking to your destination. Then one must wake up early, or stay up late for the perfect light. After this you can sit and admire the beautiful serenity our planet holds for those who are willing take notice. If you have have any spare time to unglue your eyes, that's when the camera comes in handy to capture the moment. A moment worthy of a story.