End-of-year exhibition ‘Exposure’ now open

Massey’s eye-catching end-of-year exhibition for final year students at the College of Creative Arts – Exposure – has opened.

Exposure features colourful, practical and creative exhibits from students studying programmes at the School of Art and the School of Design.

The exhibition on the Wellington campus has in past years been the launching pad for many careers beyond university.

Exhibits include a hand-held scanner for measuring the quality of kiwifruit, a coffee and water refill, re-use and recycling service and a proposed new typeface that would provide visual clues to English speakers about the correct way to pronounce Te Reo Māori.

All of these exhibits hail from the School of Design, which teaches disciplines including industrial, textile, photographic, spatial, visual communication and fashion design.

Exhibitors will this year be joined by the first graduates of the Bachelor of Creative Media Production.

Now housed in state of the art high-tech facilities in Wellington, the programme prepares students to enter jobs in the creative media industry.

Graduates, who are part of the School of Music and Creative Media Production, are instructed in a four-pronged programme addressing industry skills such as animation and visual effects, web and interactive, game design and television and film production.

Exposure runs until Saturday, November 18 from 10am to 4pm each day at Massey’s Wellington campus. For more information head to

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