Angela McGuigan ponders our options as she looks forward to December 21


“The Mayan calendar theory doesn’t hold any merit in the minds of the so-called experts in science, or for that matter the majority of the population, so what about the other theories?”


The End is Near! We are used to seeing people with signs like this on the streets, preaching that the end is coming but that God can save you – although year after year Earth is still spinning and we are still living.

But December 21, 2012 has more than just religious people scared – there is a world-wide freak-out that the end is very near. There are countless theories on why the end of the world as we know it is going to happen on December 21. Here are some of them:

  • The Mayan calendar ends on December 21, 2012. This will be the end of the current ‘Great Cycle’, the final movement in this age of mankind.
  • ‘Ascension theory’ has it that on this day mankind will be evolved and that those who are transformed will enter a world of continual peace, love, and beauty, where no war, hunger or suffering exists.
  • Christian theories say that on this day Christ will return to Earth to take the true believers with him to Heaven. But before this can happen, the Book of Revelations prophecy of years of famine, disease, war, and tribulations of intenseness such as we’ve never seen, will have to play out. December 21 will be the beginning of the end.
  • Planet X/Nibiru is returning, and will bring with it earthquakes, floods, and solar storms, and global warming will get to the point where the Earth will burn up.
  • The ‘Great Galactic Cross’, the perfect alignment of Earth, Venus, and the Sun with the black hole at the centre of the Milky Way Galaxy, will come about. It is believed this alignment will be catastrophic and cause natural destruction on a global scale.

The list of theories is so long that even if you did believe the world was about to end, you wouldn’t know which theory to pick.

So do any of them hold merit? Should we be freaking out? Surely, with so many theories all based on the same day, December 21, 2012, there must be something about to happen.

But before you start freaking out or sinking into depression, consider all the other ‘end of the world’ theories that never came to anything.

Take Y2K, for example. The computers didn’t crash, the world survived, and we all celebrated the New Year of 2000 (possibly a little drunker than we would have normally – but come on, we were preparing for the end of the world that night!).

With all the predictions and theories out there pressing on so many people’s minds, some are turning to science and asking those in ‘scientific authority’ for their thoughts.

Even Nasa has dedicated a page on its website to answer questions from concerned people. This may shed some light for you:

“The Mayan calendar theory doesn’t hold any merit in the minds of the so-called experts in science, or for that matter the majority of the population, so what about the other theories?”

“Q. Does the Mayan calendar end in December 2012? A. Just as the calendar you have on your kitchen wall does not cease to exist after December 31, the Mayan calendar does not cease to exist on December 21, 2012. This date is the end of the Mayan long-count period, but then – just as your calendar begins again on January 1 – another long-count period begins for the Mayan calendar.” “

The Mayan calendar theory doesn’t hold any merit in the minds of the so-called experts in science, or for that matter the majority of the population, so what about the other theories?

Take the Christian theory that Christ will return to Earth to take back the true believers, but with that will come the play-out of the Book of Revelations. So hold up: the world is coming to an end because Christ is coming and with that we will experience years of disease, famines, and war? Our world is already suffering from these crises – millions and millions of people are experiencing this pain every day – it is all they know. We have not turned on our TVs to witness this suffering before now and thought that the Book of Revelations prophecy was coming true, so what’s changed? Is it the threat that this could happen to people in developed countries – because that would be a reason to think the end is coming. Surely, if people in First World countries had to suffer this pain, it must be at the hands of a greater power? So, perhaps by us allowing our own Book of Revelations to play out on people in undeveloped countries every day we should consider ourselves the ‘greater power’.

The more you examine the theories and do a little research, the less frightening they become. It is so easy to get caught up in the hype – Hollywood is hoping you do so they can continue to cash in on your fears at the box office (2012, Melancholia).

However, if any of these theories were to prove to be true, there is really little you can do about it. You can’t stop a planet from colliding with Earth. You sure can’t stop Christ from coming. And you wouldn’t want to stop being enlightened through the Ascension theory.

So the best idea is to get off those crazy internet sites and go enjoy yourself – because if the world does come to end, you don’t want to have spent the last 11 months sitting in front of your computer, in a forum, stressing.

That is, however, easier said than done. Some of you might have been taken already to the dark side. So, if you do believe that one of these theories is right and that the world as we know it really will end, here is a list of what you will need to survive (taken from a ‘how to survive the end of the world’ video):

  • Join a Doomsday community (this is an underground community) – but to enter you will need US$50,000 (NZ$62,000) and approval by the Doomsday Board. To increase your chances of approval you should learn a survivalist skill).
  • Fertility – you may be required to help re-populate the world and you can’t do this if you have been snipped and tied.
  • Books – you will probably be in your shelter for a long time, so take books so you don’t get bored. If you finish all your books you can always practise re-populating.
  • Learn to cook meat with nothing but the heat of the sun.
  • Learn to communicate with Morse code.
  • Get a weapon in case people turn savage and try to steal your supplies or your re-population partner.

You can order the full survival guide online for only US$27 ($33). The internet is overloaded with websites, blogs, and forums telling you the world is coming to an end and trying to sell you survival guides and sign you up to their doomsday communities. And while some people are freaking out about the end of world, there a lot cashing in on it, happy to confirm your fears for a small fee.

But, please, before you rush off to rob a store with your weapon to get that $62,000 to join a Doomsday community – stop! Because the Doomsday shelter will be pointless if a planet collides with Earth, or the perfect alignment with a black hole happens.

May I suggest you instead take that $33 you were about to spend on a survival guide and pay off some of your credit card – because you can rest assured that come December 21, if the world doesn’t end, your credit card bill will still be there.

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