Conor McGregor: The biggest balls in boxing

Massive’s resident sports jockey, Adam Pearse, tackles the sporting quandaries of our time with the skill of Saville, the daring of Devillin, and the vibrancy of Veitchy (forgetting his history with stairways). From cricket to croquet and everything in between, these are the Yarns from Pitch Five.

You know everyone was thinking it in those first couple of rounds. The way McGregor came at Mayweather, the aggression, the physicality. You couldn’t help but wonder; ‘Holy shit can that bloody Irishman actually win?’.

As it turns out, Mayweather basically had McGregor right where he wanted him and ended up as scripted as a bust up on Geordie Shore. However, while it may not have been the bout of the century, there is a reason this became boxing’s billion-dollar bonanza. What we saw was one of the all-time greats of boxing in Floyd Mayweather, come out of retirement to fight for his 50th straight win against the king of MMA and the man on the top of everyone’s Facebook page, Conor McGregor.

The premise alone for this fight was enough to get any sports pundit a little wet behind the ears. But as much as the reputation of Mayweather helped fuel the fire, the flame had been ignited and roared into an inferno by the marketing genius that is Conor McGregor. Let’s be real for a second; McGregor knew he was never going to win. Even with height, reach, and being eleven years his junior, the Irishman stood no chance against a man that has not lost. That didn’t matter. For McGregor, it was all about the build-up. I believe he lives today as the world’s premier hype man. His enthusiasm was infectious. His energy was captivating. His speeches were so crazy it made Trump look like the Queen of England. And this was his game plan. He’s a genius really when you think about it.

To get the opportunity to cross codes and fight one of the best there has ever been is one thing, but whipping the fans into hysterics across the globe that led to him netting over $100 million is nothing short of sensational. Despite these heroics, some still question McGregor’s motives. They say; ‘He just did it for the money’, and ‘he doesn’t care about boxing’. Well, of course, he fucking did! Why else do you think he left the safety of his octagon to get pummelled by TBE? Not only is that a pay check that will last him a lifetime, the amount of publicity and attention he will attract back to MMA will be unimaginable.

It’s now you may be thinking that this whole event was a win-win for both participants. For Mayweather, he makes it 50-0 making his case ever stronger as the man on top of rest. However, for McGregor, he had to take a loss and a definite one at that. For all his rhetoric that was spread across the world about how he would knock Floyd out within two rounds and that this fight would be a walk in the park, at the end of the day, he was just the latest in a long line of Mayweather scalps. I tell you, that takes balls. To proclaim yourself to be top shit only to have that shit returned to you in sandwich variety is no small feat. But it’s all over now. No doubt his loss will be remembered by viewers for years, but his fame and stardom will only continue to skyrocket, as will his bank account. If there was a lesson in all of this it would be that you can say what you want, do what you want, and still get paid at the end of the day, as long as you’re willing to get the shit kicked out of you and resign yourself to a life of mental health issues that will torment you forever. But if you’re in a suit that literally tells people to get fucked, Alzheimer’s doesn’t seem that bad.

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  1. Wow. Really interesting take on the fight. You can see why MMA is growing in popularity and boxing is really struggling. With guys like McGregor in the sport the following is only going to grow. Great for the octagon!! Keep it up. #9runs110balls

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