March 25, 2019
Issue 03 2019
Shower Thoughts

Yeeting, and other societal projectiles

Whilst most of you are accomplished in the art of memology, there does appear to be a ‘term’ that proves to be somewhat ambiguous both in nature and in meaning. This term is ‘yeeting’. A superlative to yeet, yeeting appears to have many different meanings. Upon browsing Urban Dictionary, I have come across a few, as detailed below:

- Throwing something of dislike at high velocities

* Mainly used in games of sport. "Yeeting" is the act of obliterating your enemy in a show of pure skill.

- To ejaculate while exclaiming "yeet!"; skeeting while yeeting.

- To discard an item at a high velocity

While some of the aforementioned definitions are questionable, I think I have found the most applicable definition, as detailed below.

Yeet is a versatile word that can be used as an exclamation, a verb, or even a noun.

As an exclamation it can be used to express excitement, this can be nervous excitement or ecstatic excitement.

When in its verb form it has different tenses with different spellings, like any other verb.

For example: I yeet; I was yeeting; I yote; I have yought; I will yeet; I will have yought.

As a noun, 'a yeet' is the action of yeeting.

The word has a distinct feel, and power to it. To yeet is to give your full power and soul to an action you're doing. While many believe yeet to be a fairly new concept, it has been around for centuries. Think back to the berserker warriors. They would be so immersed in pushing all their power into their attack that they wouldn't even register pain, or go into shock, until long after a regular fighter would have passed out. They were true yeeters. A more modern example is the common use of warp speed in science fiction.. The word 'yeet' is really all that is new about this concept, and it is a very useful word indeed.

In most cases, using the word “yeet” (and thus yeeting) is accompanied with a sideways movement of the upper body whilst swiftly moving a fisted grip downwards (from an initially upright position) in front of the body. This action is known to instil fear in the observer.

TL;DR: Contrary to popular belief, Yeeting is a fervent action that holds great power.

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