March 25, 2019
Issue 03 2019
Negative Nancy

Working Hard or Hardly Working?

It may be only the second installation of Negative Nancy, but already I have something semi serious to complain about in a sarcasm-drenched way. It didn’t take long to wear me down, but I promise next time I’ll be back to sharing my unwarranted trivial problems with the world.

The reason for my current annoyance lies in a particular muffin-related story which hit the news recently. It put a spotlight on the raging battle against boomers and millennials, and while I don’t support the decision to wear a fanny pack, or to turn up to something ‘just for the gram’, this week I firmly side with my fellow avo munchers.

If you’re unaware, Muffin Break general manager Natalie Brennan recently slammed millennials for not approaching her asking to do internships, work experience or any other kind of unpaid work. She claimed that social media has made us entitled, and that we aren’t willing to start from the bottom of the chain and work our way up.

If this wasn’t enough to wake us up to our laziness and lack of tenacity, Mike Hosking was quick to jump on board. He pounded the uselessness of all millennials in not one, but two forms of media: an article, and then a spoken rant in an online video. He highlighted an issue that went further than our lack of willingness to do unpaid work, taking the opportunity to jab at millennials about our apparent tendency to rock up to workplaces and expect all the benefits like working our choice of hours, and getting holidays and pay rises without having to work or wait for it.

But you know what, Mike Hosking and Muffin Break lady? No. We might not be working straight up a ladder, but that’s because a lot of the time there isn’t a straight one to climb, or because we’ve found a better way to get there. And we might froth (did I really just say froth) over getting some likes or views on social media, but I don't think it’s made us entitled or arrogant, and most of us don’t view ourselves as reality stars. Actually, I’m pretty sure the main issue with social media is a lack of confidence, not excessive amounts of it, but that’s a story for another day.

Maybe I’m biased, but I think our generation is creative; I think we care; I think know how to be unique, and that’s because we have to be. The world doesn’t work the same way today as it did back then - expectations, structures, and realities of the workforce aren’t the same, and with the impending doom of the world, we can’t be selfish and only live for ourselves - these things make arguments like this redundant.

So there you have it. A pointless and vague rant about some other people’s rants.

Negativity is fun!