April 29, 2019
Issue 04 2019
Turned On

Why are there so many different types of lube?!?!

When I first started having sex, the one thing my mum said to me was, “make sure you use a lot of lube!” And, okay, thanks for scarring me for life mum, but I won’t lie, it’s something I always remembered.

You might think lubricant isn’t necessary. Or that it’s just for old people who can’t produce enough self-lubrication. But let’s be real, wetter is better, and lube helps everything feel more comfortable and adds extra sensation. In the words of Sticky Fingers, it’s sexy as a slippery water slide!

Now, when you’re young and in lust, lube isn’t really at the forefront of your mind. You wander round the supermarket a few too many times, add some random things in your basket that you really don’t need, and eventually grab the first lube you see on the shelf before rushing to the self-checkouts in case you see someone you know. Chances are, it’s that Durex brand that you always saw ads for on TV.

At least for me, only years later did it occur to me that there are a million other brands of lubricant, and they are all used for different purposes. Intrigued? Let’s take a look at some of lube’s most wanted.

Water-Based Lubricant

This is your most common type of lube and the one I’m most familiar with. Once I strayed away from the 3 Durex varieties that my local Countdown had, Wet Stuff Gold became my holy grail. It’s cheap and cheerful, lasts FOREVER, and a little really does go a long way. The tube is easy to use and doesn’t make a mess, unlike your flatmate’s t-sauce bottle that’s leaking in the fridge.

Water-based varieties are perfect because you can use them with condoms and sex toys, and they are typically low irritant for those with more sensitive parts!

Silicone Lubricant

Do you like shower sex? Or bath sex? Hot tub sex?! Well, you’ll want to invest in some silicone lube! Silicone lube has a thicker formula which is designed to last longer and provide an ultra luxurious sensation - plus it’s perfect for your synchronised swimming sessions. It’s gonna set you back a little more than other types, so cash in that birthday money!

However, buyer beware! Silicone lube CANNOT be used with your fave silicone sex toys as it will break down the material!

Oil-Based Lubricant

Have you ever heard that coconut oil makes a great lube? Well, it actually doesn’t. I found out the hard way after finding myself at the doctors for the fourth time, wondering why on earth my nether regions just weren’t quite… normal. Turns out coconut oil and other “natural” lubes can affect your pH levels. Apparently some are okay, but I can’t say I’ll be putting my dignity on the line again.

However, there are in fact many lubricants that are oil-based and won’t leave you half-naked in a doctor’s office! Hallelujah. Google says these are very moisturising with a smooth sensation. Maybe I’ll give ‘em another go.

Oil-based lubes will break down condoms though, so be sure to stray away when you’re using rubbers!

Not all lubricants are created equal. Some are designed to cool down or heat up your most privates parts, or add a little bit of a tingling sensation. But one thing’s for certain: mums know best. So, buy yourself some lube already!

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