May 13, 2019
Issue 05 2019
Turned On

Turned On

Anal. It’s the latest hot topic. The new buzzword in the world of sex. All your friends are doing it. Or talking about doing it. Or maybe avoiding it altogether because the idea makes them want to run for the hills, and then some.

I was the latter.
My first stint with anal sex was like a sad winter’s day. Short, dry, and well, miserable. They say you should always try things once (check), but thanks to a million Reddit threads promising me that “it gets better”, I gave anal the benefit of the doubt and things weren’t quite as bad for take 2. Practice makes perfect, right?

So whether you’ve tried it or not, whether you’re willing or not, here’s your 101 guide to anal sex.


Okay, take a second to hear me out. Anal can actually be very pleasurable for men and women! I know, I know - I was sceptical too. But you just need to ask yourself - why would so many people willingly partake in such activities if it didn’t bring at least a LITTLE enjoyment?!

Generally, anal sex can be combined with other forms of stimulation to create an even MORE enjoyable experience, too. So keep that mind. I mean, we weren’t given two hands for nothing.

Just like anything sex related, everyone will have different preferences and things that get them going. Anal might be not be at the top of your bucket list, but if you want to ~spice~ up your sex life, why not give it a go?


Alright, let’s get some bodily fluid facts straight to begin with: the anus is NOT self lubricating! This means you are gonna want to have a lot of lube on hand for your anal adventures. Something thick and long lasting is your safest bet. And the saying that less is more? Yeah, you’ll want to ignore that. The wetter the better! Not only will this help everything slide in easier, it will keep your precious parts safe and avoid discomfort or pain!

I quickly found that the best way to kick things off is to go slow. You need to be relaxed and comfortable to get in the zone, as they say. Light some candles, put that sexy Spotify playlist to use - whatever works best. Don’t rush - good things take time! If anything hurts at any point, you should always stop or slow down to avoid injury. While unlikely, this is for your pleasure, not pain, so don’t keep going if it feels anything short of good.

Sometimes it’s easier to experiment on yourself before introducing a partner into the equation. Especially if you’re nervous or unsure about the whole situation, take some time for a little TLC and get to know what works best for you!

There are so many butt plugs and anal toys in varying sizes that can help you ‘train’ yourself and get used to the feeling of anal before the big show. This is also great for those looking to up their game and become masters of the trade! It also means that there’s no pressure from anyone else but your shiny new friend.

Your anal sex experience might feel a little bit like bungee jumping. You’re nervous but excited at first, and it seems a little daunting peering over the edge. But once you do it, the adrenaline is addictive and fun. You might even find that you’re back for more sooner than you thought - it’s just up to you to make that first leap!
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