July 30, 2018
Issue 8 2018
The Unlonely Woman

The Unlonely Woman - Issue 8

Ahhhh orgasms. Nothing beats an orgasm. Male orgasms are often made out to be something that always happens and that is so important, yet we very rarely place an emphasis on the female orgasm. Why is this? Are woman’s vaginas not as important? Do we live in a world where we as woman having an orgasm is simply not important?

I’m sorry but no. Let’s talk about this because for a long time I thought mine didn’t matter because we didn’t learn about it in sex ed, and to be honest, growing up my friends were embarrassed to talk about masturbation. I remember when I told my mates I masturbated, and they looked at me in disgust and gave me shit. They orgasm shamed me. However last year I found out they were doing it to.

A woman’s orgasm is just as important as a man’s. No ifs or buts about it.

So, what’s my experience with men in this field? As you can probably tell I’m an extremely open person, so I really have no problem with pulling a boy up on his shit. Up until September last year I never had a one-night stand and I had never pulled a man up on not getting me off, even though I got him there.

So, let’s get down to it. I had been talking to two men for a bit. We went on a date (two separate dates), things were great. I decided to go home with them both individually. We start doing the deed. No warm up what so ever. They had finished and then these mother fuckers rolled over. Now, I don’t know about you, but I won’t stand for that. So, I laid there in bed for a couple minutes working myself up to say something. I turned to them and said, “so do you not normally ask if the woman finished or at least offer?” Both boys’ responses were “oh I don’t know”. I said, “you either do or you don’t”. They both replied, “I don’t know”. Fair to say I never heard from either of these guys again.

Like come on now are you that selfish that you can’t just finish a sis off? Like since when is sex a one-way thing. Ladies grab yourself by the ovaries and stand up for your vagina. I know she has lips, but she can’t speak.

I have had a friend tell me her sex stories. It’s the saddest thing. Let’s call her Mariah. Mariah told me that her boyfriend and her have sex, but he never ever offers to go down on her or even just use his fingers. She put’s in all the work. Another friend of mine has never had an orgasm from a guy ever. She can get herself off, but a guy has never got her there. If you are in a relationship with a lady like this, you should at least try! Don’t do any half ass shit. Go in there and figure out what works. A vagina is complex at the beginning but once you know what works, you’ve got this. I feel like this is such an important point but if you expect a woman to go down on you, well you best be willing to go down on her.

If your man isn’t doing shit pull him up on that. Imagine if you marry this person and you never have an orgasm because you never stood up for your vagina? Men if you are reading this and are one of these men who only care about getting their dick wet. STOP. You know how you love to orgasm, well guess what, so do woman. Stop being so one sided with this stuff. Put in the hard work and it can be something beautiful. 

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