May 14, 2018
Issue 5 2018
The Unlonely Woman

The Unlonely Woman - Issue 5

Does size matter? I find myself and my friends always asking this question. Whenever we catch up, one of the big questions always asked is, “is he big?”. We always mean dick. I don’t think my friends, or I have ever meant his body size because that really doesn’t matter. But does dick size really matter? Does it matter so much that you would stop seeing someone because of it? Now what better way to talk about this but then to reflect on my own experiences of course.

So, let’s start off with the big side. I dated this guy, let’s call him Philip. I dated Philip when I was 16 and I honestly thought he was “the one”. In saying that I feel like when you’re that age you would think the cute guy at the canteen that gives you your Moosies is the one. Anyway, me and Philip didn’t work out. He said he didn’t want to date anyone which is fine. But this mother fucker ended up getting in a relationship two weeks later… ummm oooook bro. He just didn’t want to date me which is fine but say that bro. Honesty is the best policy. Anyway, he wanted to date a few years later I said no because sis we ain’t no mother fucker’s seconds. You ain’t no entree you the main dish boo. Anyway, skip to me last year in September and I had a moment of weakness. I had the worst date of my life. I mean horrible. I was weak. Philip was in town and I was like fuck it, let’s do this. I did not remember the fucking massive python growing in his pants. I mean I knew it was big but fuck me sideways this thing was massive! Just imagine a squirrel trying to eat a banana. 

OK now the small dick story. We’ll keep this one short because well there’s nothing to it…yes, I just did that. So, let’s call this boy Ryan. Ryan actually ended up being a one-night stand. This boy was tiny. I mean smaller than my thumb. I literally looked at him in the eyes and said put it in. He turned to me and said it is. I felt horrible and just said ooooh yea. Honestly it was like what you see on television. Anyway, he is easily the smallest I have had in my life but maybe a tie for the dude who was so small he would push my head down during sex thinking it would make his dick go further. I’m sorry but no. You’re just hurting my neck. Your dick can’t and won’t go in anymore.

But let’s get back to this. Does size really matter?

Well here’s my conclusion. In short, no it doesn’t. I say this because I’ve come across some nice dicks in my life, but the men attached to them have been so bloody selfish when it comes to my orgasms. Like sir your dick may be good but there’s more to it than going up and down. A guy could have a tiny dick but be amazing at oral which I’ve come across as well. The guy could be a super amazing guy and just have a tiny dick but if his oral game is strong then you sorted and even then, you can work on oral. I’ll be honest though I could never date someone with a Philip size dick again because that shit actually hurt my vagina. So, no size doesn’t matter it’s what you can do with it. I have only ever meet one guy in my life who had a great dick and was great at sex and oral. So, ladies and gents my recommendation? Get to know the man behind the dick because that is more important. Unless you’re after a big or small dick then be fussy. You do you. If you want to read more like this head to