September 10, 2018
Issue 10 2018
The Unlonely Woman

The Unlonely Woman - Issue 10

Playing up yea? Is it completely normal in today’s dating that we automatically play up without intending on it? Do we now live in a world where we look at dating as something disposable? Like a condom once you use it, that’s it. You can technically wash them and reuse them but you never should! So, is this the same concept some people use in dating? After they go on a date or have sex with us do they just chuck us away? Or do they come back and reuse us? Sometimes going for a second time to get that last ounce out of us. Relationships are so disposable now days. It’s like a disposable cycle. You start dating someone and you have sex and then they fuck off. My question is how are we meant to know the good ones from the bad ones? Because I’m sorry but I never date the same ’kind’ of person. I’m constantly getting lectures from my mum saying how I go for the wrong men. Well I’m fucking sorry Susan but do you wanna tell me how to pick a fuckboy from an actual potential boyfriend because they all look the same to me now days. It’s like even after talking to someone after five months most days. Can they simply dispose you after finally going on one date?

So, let’s call this dude Donald for the sake of this story. Donald and I had meet on Tinder of course. We had been talking for a good four to five months. I mean most days. He was so lovely. Like I generally enjoyed just talking to him. He was a solid dude. A gold star from me. Or so I thought. So, me and Donald had a great relationship. No not boyfriend and girlfriend. But we talked most days or Snapchatted. We would talk about all sorts. He would even read my columns and he did not judge me. We finally decided to go on a date. Funnily enough we ended up going on a date on my birthday. It was so nice. We went out for dinner, I meet his handsome wee dog, we watched a movie in bed and then one thing leads to another and long story short we both had an orgasm that night. No, we didn’t have sex but there wasn’t any pressure to either. It was just a nice night. The next morning, he made me a green tea and I was on my way. Now what happened after this? Well long story short I barely heard from him. He said something had happened which he couldn’t talk to me about. He promised he was still interested in a second date and that I hadn’t done anything. Guess what? He never called. He then did a back flip and said yea nah I’m not interested anymore. I’m sorry boo but did you not just spend the last four to five months telling me you wanted a relationship. Did you not just spend the last four to five months talking to me most days? Like I’m sorry but what the fuck? How about before you go down on me you tell me this? We now don’t talk. We were going to look at becoming friends with benefits, but he was shocking at communicating so well I called it off. As much as I still wanted to fuck him it wasn’t safe to. I mean I still liked the dude and I knew I’d get hurt but worst of all he was so shit at communicating

The part that sucks the most thought is the fact that here’s this person I was talking to for nearly half a year most days and now he is just gone. Like that part sucks because I generally enjoyed him as a person. This boy ended up disappointing me a lot because he ended up not being the person I thought he was like at all. I thought he was great guy who had a kind heart but the moment I said no to fuck buddies he completely switched. I think sometimes we have to stand back and really look and see for ourselves that this person is playing up. We have to look through the bullshit and orgasm that nothing will come from this. Sis it ain’t your fault. There’s nothing wrong with you. Some people just can’t handle you because they don’t deserve you. It’s like once we learn our self-worth and learn what we deserve we can call it.

So, conclusion? The moment you realise your intentions change, say something.  Don’t lead someone on. For fucks sakes bloody communicate.

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