March 25, 2019
Issue 03 2019
Creative Writing

Siege of Impersonality

What gives people the right to stand there and stare?

To aim their scopeless eyes down at me?

They all seem armed with a full clip

of misunderstanding and confusion,

judging eyes glazing over with heartlessness.

What gives me the tenacity to stand there

and stare that muzzle in the face?

Resisting the shiver of fear

from shimmering down my spine;

repressing those bullets of shell-shocked inferiority.

Yet it is not long

before something begins to give

under the onslaught of subjectivity.

My shield, peppered with social buckshot,

slowly begins to fall apart.

With less and less time to repair

and mend between each incident,

things start to fire through.

The impersonality of others begins to get personal.

Sniping deeply into my heart, ripping through

my emotions.

My realities and social conformities

become casualties

of this never-ending war.

Shattering what lies beneath the surface

and leaving only a shell to struggle on.

Each day finds triumphs that are more

and more meaningless.

Leaving a void of desperation and loneliness

to march its troops in.

Reinforcement and support

radio that they will be there.

But still I fight this war on


Each night, waiting for the dawn

to bring new hope.

Each day, waiting for the darkness to recuperate

and bring more inspiration.