September 22, 2019
Issue 11 2019
From the Prez

President's Address: Michael Salmon

Kiaora koutou, whanau, how’s life?

Mine is good, I’ve stumbled my way through another semester test and will pay for my lack of preparation come the end of semester when I take the exam. Kathryn and JP, if you’re reading this, I’m so sorry I really enjoy Gene Reg and you’re both great lecturers. Thinking about this particular ineptitude led me to thinking about other ineptitudes in my life and I came to a realisation! I’m actually a bit of a clown.

So, fun story, I went for a walk with Mellon and a friend of mine. During the walk, I decided to be a bit of a show off and jump up a high concrete ledge. I crouched, I sprung, and I promptly fell backwards and cracked my head on the road. There was a decent amount of blood and, apparently, I went very pale. The funny thing is that several days earlier I had helped facilitate all of Massey staff and students being released on the 27th of September to attend their regional School Strike for Climate march, a move that requires the university to pay literally millions in staff wages for a day off and affects some 30,000 or more people… so imagine my surprise when it turns out gravity doesn’t give a shit about any of this. The reason I bring these two things up together is because I realised that there is literally no type of person that makes big things happen. Anyone can do anything even if they are a clown who wildly over-estimates their ability to jump onto things.

I’ve had the privilege of working with some truly outstanding people this year. People who work a lot harder than me because they don’t have a nice comfortable platform like “MUSA President” to work from. More often than not, though, I interact with brilliant people who have brilliant ideas but are too mired in self doubt to pursue their vision. To all of those people, whoever you may be, I say this; You are more than good enough, your vision is worth realisation, your ideas aren’t dumb. I’ve achieved great things this year and I’m barely able to keep my head on my shoulders. What does that tell you about who can create positive change?

So, if you have an idea you want to create then talk to someone about it. Talk about it loudly and often until someone hears you and says “Yes! I can help you with that” because that is literally all I ever do and it works a charm.

Stay safe out there, vaccinate your kids, keep hydrated.