July 16, 2019
Issue 07 2019
From the Prez

President's Address: Michael Salmon

Kia ora kotou whanau!


To all the undergrad readers, welcome back for semester two! To the postgrads, staff and researchers, welcome back to another week on the grind!


Massey has been a lot quieter than usual due to the mass exodus of students (and hopefully their pre-exam stress), it’s almost been peaceful. But, alas, there is always something to be done; especially if you have unhealthy work habits like me!


An interesting aspect of the President role is people coming out of the woodwork with issues they would like addressed and please, keep it up - I need more things to do to justify my lack of a social life. One that has come up many times is buses both in town and around campus. Did you know that the Horizons council are cutting back some of the later bus services in the city? They want to save money so some of them have decided to take it out on the rich people who work until 8pm and then catch buses home... it has been argued that it won’t affect students because it isn’t going to change Massey buses which is rather facile; I don’t know many students that bus into town and then drive an Audi the rest of the way. Now all of this is aggravating, but do you know what’s worse? I emailed Bruce Gordon, Chairman of Horizons council, and asked for speaking rights so I could represent students. Apparently, “I would like to speak on the submission around the evening bus services,” wasn’t specific enough for him to “consider my request.” So I spoke to councillor Rachel Keedwell who told me exactly what was needed. I followed her advice, I jumped through the hoops and Bruce responded with... nothing. No response. Student voice has been ignored. There are over 10,000 tertiary students in Palmerston North and we didn’t get a say.


All I have to say is enrol and vote which you can do by going to elections.org.nz

We tertiary students are around 15% of this city's population and it’s damn well time governing bodies acted like it.


That aside, good luck with semester two - for all your advocacy needs come to MUSA (you too, post-grads, we’ve got your back).


Your favourite (only) viking shaped President,


Michael Salmon