September 22, 2019
Issue 11 2019
From the Prez

President's Address: Mei Tang

Hey Team!

Spring has sprung! Can’t believe that we are so close to the end of the semester, hang in there team, we got this!

As we get closer to the end of the semester and assignments are catching up to us, don’t forget to take a break, because our mental health is important. On the topic of health, if you aren’t sure if you’ve got your measles shot yet or haven’t taken them, measles shots are free at the health and counselling centre.

We are right in the middle of voting for the 2020 Executives. Go onto our website and VOTE! You will be voting on the next lot of executives who will be your student voice. If you are not an ASA member, just quickly sign up (it’s free) and you can vote (as long as you are an internal student). Go to our website for more information about the election and to see who the candidates are and what they want to do in their role.

Speaking of executives, ASA will be having our Special General Meeting which will be held on October 2 at 12pm in the student lounge, come attend to see who your 2020 Executives are!

Have a good one and good luck with assignments!