July 16, 2019
Issue 07 2019
From the Prez

President's Address: Mei Tang

Hey Team!

To the new students here, welcome to Massey! My name is Mei and I am your student president from the Albany Students’ Association.

To the returning students, welcome back. Us at ASA hope you had a good semester break and all recharged for the new semester!

O Week is here! In our AGM, you asked for more stuff to be happening in OR, we are glad to announce that on Thursday on O Week we will be having our activities over in OR! We will be having some games and definitely free food.

Semester Two is going to be a busy one, with our big events such as our annual ASA Ball and the upcoming 2020 Student Election. Keep your eye out for more info about these events on our website asa.ac.nz and follow us on our Facebook page and Instagram!

To know more about the services we offer such as advocacy, class advocates, carpooling and just what we are about, do check us out on our website.

Hope you have a good start to the new semester!

Cheers, Mei