September 22, 2019
Issue 11 2019
From the Prez

President's Address: Jacob Paterson

Oh kia ora there!

Okay so almost at summer team- but school’s still in session, so what’s going on that you’ll wanna know about?

School’s strike for climate

I think most of us know how important this issue is- it’s our future, it’s our planet and it’s time for our voices to be heard. So, what are we doing? It’s on Friday the 27th of September. We are going to meet outside tussock and march down to Civic Square for 11am to join students from around Wellington in demanding a response to the climate emergency. Check out ‘Massey Wellington Student Strike for Climate Justice’ on FB for more deets. I’ll be there- hope you join me J.

National Thursday’s in Black Day

So, Thursday the 26th of September- students from pretty much every university across New Zealand are blacking out their Universities in a show of support for victims of sexual violence. This a huge issue in our community and we at MAWSA are standing with them. There is going to be a black clothes t-shirt printing on campus and more. Checkout ‘Thursdays in Black Massey Wellington’ for more deets.

If we tackle these issues together they don’t seem so hard to overcome –don’t you think? So join us on the 26th and 27th – it’ll be lit.