May 13, 2019
Issue 05 2019
From the Prez

Presidents Address


Hey Team!

Last week we have seen some awesome participation for the spirituality week and University Mental Health Day, so we are continuing with the wellbeing theme with a Pink Shirt Day event on Wednesday May 15.

As we are coming closer to the end of the semester (omg!), one of our most important events is here, the ASA Annual General Meeting. This is where you get to have your say in some changes we are making in the constitution, give your feedback on what we have done so far and what else we should be doing. It is on May 22 at 12pm in our Student Lounge. Do attend as this will determine what and how the executives are going to work.  

NB: All clubs are required to send one representative to our AGM as a part of your affiliation.



Tēnā koutou katoa lovely readers of Massey’s most Massive Magazine!

Michael here, your Student Association president. This month has been pretty cool - I’ve had multiple students bring interesting and innovative ideas to me, from Lot Party 2.0 to finding out if we can get minor qualifications added onto our degrees when (if) we ever graduate. It’s cool to have the ideas flowing and getting the opportunity to annoy people who made the mistake of being in a position to give students what they want.

Outside of this I have been putting in work figuring out what it is to be Tiriti led as this is a massive part of Massey’s direction and, in my opinion, everyone in New Zealand. I met with Councillor Wiremu Te Awe Awe and asked him where to start.

“Come spend the night at the Marae, be welcomed on with a pōwhiri, and listen to some of the Rangitāne history; that will build the foundation of MUSA being Tiriti led.”

It seems like a pretty simple beginning to meaningful engagement with local Māori and I’m looking forward to the trip. It will be open to students who want to attend; two days after the meeting over 20 people had already said they want to come too. I’m incredibly proud of those people wanting to take the opportunity to learn and grow.

Outside of this my workload has changed a lot, I’ve had so much fun putting together projects and initiatives with students but now I’m focussed on updating MUSA in a way that makes it more fit for purpose. We have some work to do updating the constitution and policies and we’ll be hosting the AGM on the 22nd of May, I’d love to see you all there. It’s your chance to have a say in what we do from there… or just to tell us we’re all rubbish.

In any case, if you have problems feel free to approach me for help sorting them; I’ll be wandering around campus in search of good coffee.

Stay safe and if you haven’t already, get your damn flu shot!



Kia ora e hoa ma,

I hope you are all well. In the wake of so many events happening in our world, it’s made me think so much about the small things we can do here to make a difference. I was left feeling like it's all too small and insignificant. But then I realised that if everyone made a small effort to be a little kinder, be a little more inclusive and act with a little more grace - what a difference it would make.

I’ve said many times that one of the things I love most about this campus is how we embrace individuality and creativity. I think our small campus could teach a lot of people some good lessons about not caring what people think and placing the focus on the stuff that matters - someone’s heart and someone’s craft.

I hope you all enjoy the final stretch before mid-year break, it’s going to be busy, it’s going to be hectic - but at the end of the day we are a special wee campus so we can all be thankful for that much.

Keep going tīma, not long to go now!

Jamie-Lee xx