September 10, 2018
Issue 10 2018
From the Prez

Ngahuia - Issue 10

Hey, I’m Nga and I have the pleasure of being your prez for the rest of 2018! Hopefully those two weeks off treated you well and you managed to catch up on those lecture notes. It’s that time of year when assignments and semester tests are coming at you left, right and centre - so here’s a couple of my finest study tips from pre-vet days:

1.Mindmaps! (Shout out to Stuart Gordon for opening my eyes to these bad boiz). Get those boring pages full of lecture slides and chuck them in a colourful brainstorm. Way easier to remember, plus then you can put it on your insta story #studyspo

2.Crushing up your No-Doz and snorting it won’t help you absorb it any faster. Just have a nap, babes. Breaks are super important and usually help you retain info better anyway!

This half of semester is going to be fucking mint and MUSA has some sick stuff coming your way, so make sure you jump on Facebook and give us a like, so you stay updated. Don’t forget to stay hydrated, go to the SPCA and cuddle some kittens when you’re feeling rough, and remember that your student association loves you XXX