September 22, 2019
Issue 11 2019
Music Review

Music: Taylor Swift - Lover

Yes, let’s get this out of the way; I love Taylor Swift and was extremely excited for this album’s release. It seems like I was one of the only major fans of her last release Reputation in 2017 which took a different turn to the rest of her discography. However, it seemed like she promised to be returning to her original poppy roots for 2019’s Lover. While the original singles did not necessarily grab me like I hoped they would, this didn’t deter me or my excitement. Unfortunately, it seems like this album won’t be an iconic moment in music history like the release of everyone’s favourite Look What You Made Me Do was, but it’s certainly not bad; it just kinda came and went. Realistically I don’t see many of these songs being on repeat for me in the future, and none of them have the staying power like some of her previous hits have; you won’t be hearing these songs on More FM in 5 years’ time that’s for sure (literally as I write this, Blank Space just came on the radio which is of course set to More FM; now THAT’S an evergreen song). The album mixes her previous eras into one; pop, country and whatever Reputation was all combined, on paper giving everyone what they want. Unfortunately, I don’t think that worked out. I think the only thing worse than being bad is being boring and forgettable, which is sadly what this album is; it’s not bad, just kinda bland and unmemorable. After multiple listens I only can really name a couple of songs, but those songs are really great; the titular Lover is incredible, I Forgot That You Existed is pretty catchy and Soon You’ll Get Better hits pretty hard too. 

Maybe the ‘excited for new Taylor Swift’ part of my life is over.

Or maybe this album genuinely just wasn’t that good.

I guess I’ll just be waiting two years for her new album to find out.

Two and a half stars