August 13, 2018
Issue 9 2018
Film Review

Mama Mia! Here we go again (2018)

Here we go again is an apt name for the film - I actually liked the first one, but this sequel was pretty embarrassing.

The film takes place five years after Mamma Mia (2008), with Sophie (Amanda Seyfried) re-opening her mother Donna’s hotel on an exotic Greek island after her mother’s death. It has a split focus, with half of the film devoted to young Donna (Lily James) and how she came to the island and had Sophie. The other half is devoted to Sophie’s new life and the baby she is having in the same place as her mum. Salvageable was the casting of the young Donna and young versions of Sophie’s three fathers. Young Bill (Josh Dylan) has the most amazing blue eyes – it’s almost worth watching the film just for those.

Film makers definitely hit the B-side of the Abba song list, as my mum aptly commented “what the f**k is this song?” Obviously they used all the catchy tunes in the first film. My favourite (read: cringiest) moment was when Grandma (Cher) stepped out of the plane, saw her old lover Fernando and promptly sang Fernando. What a coincidence her lover was named after an Abba song huh! I would still go to see it for the laughter. But to those who think with their wallet when going to the movies I would skip this one.