July 30, 2018
Issue 8 2018
TV Series Review

Love Island UK - Season 4

2/5 stars

Love Island UK is probably one of the lowest lows of reality television I have ever witnessed.  

The show is a contest where the hottest singletons in Britain traipse around a Spanish villa. They ‘couple up’ and have to sleep in those couplings each night, even if they don’t like each other romantically. People are kicked out if they aren’t chosen in the ‘recoupling ceremonies’ or are voted out by the British public. Despite the low rating given above, I have watched every episode of season four. It is strangely addictive. They have terrible dates, terrible chat between contestants and terrible music, but the redeeming factor is irresistible drama. Some contestants are totally going to need counselling after the manufactured dramatic situations the producers put them through.

I’ve only seen the current season of the show, so I didn’t know the ‘rules’ before. It honestly took me around 10 episodes of trying to figure them out before realising that they pretty much make the rules up as they go along. Overall, it is a terribly made, over-produced reality show with a small budget but it is also strangely addictive so proceed with caution when jumping onto TVNZ OnDemand to try it out.