July 30, 2018
Issue 8 2018
From the Prez

Jason - Issue 8

Hey everyone,

I hope you’ve settled in well for semester two and enjoyed the Orientation Week activities we had planned for you, especially clubs’ day and band night two, which are always a good time. It was good to see all the new and old faces around campus after three weeks of it being a ghost town.

As we roll into the first weeks of semester I want to encourage you all to get involved with all the different activities and opportunities happening around campus! Keep an eye out for club events advertised on our Facebook page, become a class advocate or volunteer, or even start a club of your own! At ASA we are here to make the student experience better for you in any way we can, and to do that we need you to put a foot forward.

It’s this time of year again and that means we have our ASA annual ball happening on August 25! The theme is floral, and the tickets are cheaper than ever, with early birds starting at $60! The price also includes a sit-down meal, so start thinking about that special someone you’d like to bring with you.

I’m keeping it short this issue, but as always please feel free to come chill in the student lounge, come grab food at our events and ask for our help if you need it, ASA is here to support you.