September 24, 2018
Issue 11 2018
From the Prez

Jason - Issue 11

Hey Everyone,

I hope you all had a good mid semester break to catch your breath before we roll into exam time! With only six weeks of classes left it’s important to look after yourselves. This is the time of year where the stress can really get to you. At ASA we are all about looking out for students, so keep your eyes peeled over the next few weeks to look out for all the sick de-stress events coming your way. We also know that students love a good evening event, so we also have some comedy magic coming your way very soon, so watch this space!

It’s also time to think about all those lecturers that made your year worthwhile. LOTY is the way to let them know they did a good job and that all those naps in lecturers weren’t because of them! We have so many categories to nominate them for, so either head to our website to vote or catch up with the ASA team on a Wednesday lunch time around campus.

It’s also been great to start working with our new 2019 ASA executive team! They are picking up the ropes fast and are already thinking about how they want to jump into 2019 making students’ lives better around campus. If you have any ideas on how, be sure to let them know!

As always look after yourselves and thanks for reading my yarns,