September 10, 2018
Issue 10 2018
From the Prez

Jason - Issue 10

Welcome back everyone,

I hope you all had a great break (or at least some sort of break) and that you’re ready to smash out the rest of semester! There is only 67 days left until your all done with exams and free for the summer!

I’m stoked to announce that we have confirmed the election of our 2019 ASA executive! Soon it will be the awesome president-elect Meity (pronounced May-Tea) writing these columns for you all! I know the 2019 exec are hyped and itching to get to work supporting you guys in any way they can. Please if you have any suggestions for them or things you think they should work on, don’t hesitate to hit them up!

I would also like to thank everyone that came to the ASA Ball on the first weekend of the break! It was a blast as always to put on an event like that, we hope your all had as much fun as we did! We would love to hear your thoughts and feedback as always, so if you wanna come have a yarn please do!

With only 67 days left it is starting to get dangerously close to exam time! Even though I know your all ready to ace your exams, I’d like to remind you that ASA has your back. We know studying is stressful, so if it’s all getting too much with study, work or life in general please come see us, so we can help sort it all out.