May 28, 2018
Issue 6 2018
Music Review

Janelle Monae: Dirty Computer

If you try to grab my pussy cat, this pussy grab you back

Janelle Monae has just released her third studio album titled Dirty Computer, an incredibly empowering and colourful album with some deeply personal songs. It has three amazing girl power anthems like Pynk, Django Jane and I Got The Juice, as well as some politically driven songs like Screwed that references Trump (“the devil met with Russia and they just made a deal”) and alludes to the on-going issues in America such as racism and womens’ rights.

it’s a brilliant album, which is no surprise since Prince worked on it with her before he died, and Pharrell, Zoe Kravitz and Grimes also feature on it. A favourite on the album is the song Pynk - a dancey, girl power song that Grimes helped bring to life. When I find a really great song, it goes on repeat a hundred times a day, everyday, just like my humble bowl of berries and porridge for breakfast, and Pynk is that for me right now. I Got The Juice is another favourite that features Pharrell, a groovy, funky girl anthem where she chants ‘I GOT THE JUICE!’ kind of like how Beyonce yells ‘WHO RUN THE WORLD? GIRLS!’ It expresses a lot of joy, fun and pride which I love. My favourite, though, is the song I Like That. The lyrics in the chorus say, I like that / I don’t really give a fuck if I was just the only one / who likes that / I never like to follow. I’m not the one to know what is popular and I sometimes feel a bit out of place, so this song is a great reminder that it’s ok to like what you want, even if others think it’s weird. It’s an empowering song.

I think this album is so important. She talks about the issues that women (especially of colour) are facing in America; issues that really need to be addressed. She also has a lot of songs on this record that talk about her sexuality and being proud of that, which is amazing since she has just come out with the release of this album. I suspect the album will be helpful for those who are maybe struggling with their own sexuality.