September 10, 2018
Issue 10 2018
TV Series Review

Insatiable (2018-)

2/5 stars

Insatiable made me anxious. Hella anxious.

Patty Bladell (Debby Ryan) is the girl who was fat at the start of high school and is now skinny. She was badly bullied and now she wants revenge. At least that was the set up of the show, which didn’t really come across in the execution. Meanwhile Bob Barnard (Christopher Gorham) is a failed lawyer with no passion for his work, but a strangely large passion for being a pageant coach. The two team up in a weird show that is supposed to be about a pageant team but takes so many turns that it is suddenly going in a completely different direction to what you thought it would be – and wanted it to be.

This TV show grows on you, but it is a slow burner and it is still annoying even after you start to enjoy it. It tries to show every piece of PC content you can think of – from lesbian crisis, to a gay relationship that turns polyamorous, to eating disorders, to depression. And to be honest, maybe the creators’ intentions were good, but all of the above topics are represented in gaudy, ludicrous ways that put even Glee’s (2009-2015) worst plotlines to shame. All in all, entertaining enough but not a show I would watch unless I was writing this review.