July 30, 2018
Issue 8 2018
Film Review

Ideal Home (2018)

I cried. I laughed. I cringed. I groaned. I yawned. Ideal Home had it all – from boredom to excitement to a feature-length advertisement for Taco Bell.

Starring Steve Coogan and Paul Rudd as a boogie couple running a lifestyle television show. Lots of Steve Coogan acting like Steve Coogan. The film is based on the premise that Erasmus (Coogan), the older one in the couple, has a grandson he didn’t know about to his deadbeat dad of a son. The older couple must take him in, despite never showing intention to have kids.

The first 40 minutes of the film were a massive bore, but I did somehow find myself connect to the characters over the film. It must also be mentioned that the film shows a brilliant homosexual relationship throughout. It was great to see this representation, as the lack of stereotyped portrayal allowed you forget about gender and just see it as a human relationship. A film I would recommend to viewers with patience, as if you push through the start, you get to a great film that makes you feel something.