May 13, 2019
Issue 05 2019


Zero waste lemon and vodka!

Get shitfaced in an environmentally friendly way by ditching the boxes, bottles and cans this week! The best way to minimise waste is to buy in bulk - so spend your leftover student living costs on a single bottle of spirits, instead of a box of premixed cans or bottles. All you’ll need now is lemons, sugar and water!


  • 1 bottle of vodka
  • 6 lemons
  • 6 cups of water
  • 1 cup of sugar


  • Roll the lemons in your hands to make ‘em nice and limber for the juicing process.
  • Cut lemons in half and squeeze the shit out of them to make approximately 1 cup of juice.
  • In a pitcher, combine the lemon juice, sugar, water and vodka (not all of the latter though, you psycho).
  • Chill for a bit - both the pitcher and yourself. You probably need to.
  • Compost your lemon rind, reuse your vodka bottle and make yourself a sugary cup of tea to cure your hangover the next day! Zero waste, baby!