May 27, 2019
Issue 06 2019



Aries your fire energy means that you are always Go Go Go. Never underestimate the power of pressing pause and taking a moment to reset.  


You work hard and you want the best. Not content with the local tinny house, you want exotic strains, and a full body high. You deserve it boo!


It’s ya Season! What happens when Air signs and Fire signs meet? A chemical reaction creating smoke! Hot stuff, don’t be afraid to light up the room with your charisma, uniqueness, nerve and talent.  


Mars moves into Cancer this transit, so be wary of aggression. You tend to shy away from conflict, but the truth will set you free.


Earth to Leo, it's not all about you. Use the power of your magnetism for good and not evil this week, and reward yourself by lighting one up.


Unclench and release Virgo. You don’t need to control every little detail. Think big picture, try LSD and Astral Projection.


As the scales of life tip and balance, you still find a way to see the beauty. Make sure you're seeing the most beauty in your acid trip this week.


You're hardcore, Scorpio with your hard shell and sharp sting. You only do the finest drugs in the darkest, sexiest rooms, make it worthwhile.


Social Butterfly Sag needs no help playing the field. Stick to liquor it is quicker. Take this horse to Dakota and ride till you can't no more.


It's always work work work for you, Connect to your earth sign roots by trying some of nature's own psychedelic medicine, Shrooms.


They didn’t call the 60s the Age of Aquarius for nothing! Channel Woodstock and Due Tomorrow, Do Tomorrow by going all in!


Like famous Piscean, Rihanna, sometimes you just need to smoke a big fat blunt. Your water intuition knows the way, so trust your gut.