August 13, 2018
Issue 9 2018
Google vs God

Google vs God - Volume 3


The first time I encountered marijuana I was 13 years old, and I did not smoke it for medical reasons. I was having a mid-life crisis and I thought getting high in a public toilet with my best friend before my ballet class at 4.20pm was a great idea. It wasn’t. That same friend ended up getting expelled from my high school a year later for possession, and I never touched weed again. Until I went to uni.

Everyone knows university is a time for experimentation and oh boy did I experiment. My first year was a cocktail of bad decisions, procrastination, and weed. Unfortunately for me, whenever I smoked I was also completely smashed, usually thanks to Kristov or Scrumpy (I’m a classy lady), so I couldn’t tell you what smoking weed is like, to be honest. What I can tell you about is my opinion on medical marijuana.

Between my first and second experiences getting high, in my hometown a petition for legit medical marijuana to be used for the first time in New Zealand was started, with hopes of saving the life of a boy in a coma. Having only thought of marijuana as an illegal recreational activity, the idea of using a drug for good was eye-opening. In the years following, I have seen countless videos about the benefits of medical marijuana, and I reckon it’s a bloody good idea. I still have to commit to an alcohol-free weekend to figure the recreational side out, though.


Never have I ever smoked anything other than ventolin. Even during my adventurous second year of uni I chickened out of smoking weed with my peers because of the looming potential asthma attack. Let’s all join together in prayer for my lungs. But in all seriousness, what does God think of both medical and recreational drugs? While all the ‘good girls’ at high school were as high as a kite, I was treating my body as a temple – the best condition physically and mentally to have a healthy relationship with J Crizzle. This story initiated another call via 0800 PRAYER (free line, check it out), as I was caught at a crossroad. With medical marijuana becoming more legitimate everyday, is it still looked down upon by us Bible bashers? I’ve been taking painkillers my whole life – from Pamol to Panadol Rapid Soluble, how is medical marijuana any different? He responded to me: The ultimate high is in heaven. And as gosh darn crazy as that sounds, I agree with him. If you are searching for un-prescribed medication to take your mind off pain, you should ultimately be taking it up with the big man upstairs, only He can help medical marijuana make it through our legal system, if that is the future he envisions for New Zealand. Unless you’re Miley Cyrus, and you have a weed shrine you pray to every night for medical marijuana to pull through in your time of need. I say take it up with JC.