July 30, 2018
Issue 8 2018
Google vs God

Google vs God - Volume 2


Abortion. It’s one of those inevitable topics that comes up when you and your mates are four wines deep and everything gets a little bit philosophical at 5.30pm. Would you keep your child if you were still in uni? What if you had been with the same guy for nine years already - but you were only 20? What about if you had a one-night stand with Cole Sprouse? For me, these questions are easy. Right now, in my life, even though I’m in a happy long-term relationship, a baby is just out of the question. I’ve had a pregnancy scare or two in my lifetime and I’ve done my research via the Family Planning website to know that if I needed to, I could get out of a situation that would lead to struggles for both myself and a potential baby. The concept of being denied this basic human right due to the religious viewpoints of people in power absolutely blows my mind. Yes, abortion is a huge decision and not a form of birth control, but I don’t think anyone considering an abortion would take it lightly. Therefore, why the fuck should I have to carry a baby to full-term just because Simon Bridges wants me to? If he can continue wearing cotton and eating bacon because it’s the most convenient way to live his life, I’m pretty sure I should be able to have an abortion. I think having a baby at age 14 would be a pretty big inconvenience. But ya know, if a dusty old book thinks it knows better… OK.


I have sinned many a time in my life, including not wearing a seat belt in the car, and more recently getting my first tattoo. Whatever degree of sin you consider the worst (every sin is equal for your information – that tattoo may determine whether I get into the good place or not), abortion is a difficult topic for me to build an opinion on. It is undeniably controversial, particularly when it comes to religion. Until I find myself knocked up at an inappropriate time in my life plan, I will never know where I sit. As life goes, I was asked the question, “what do you think I should do?” by one of my close friends, Pistachio.* There are two ways I can look at it – from a biblical ‘old dusty’ perspective, and a moral one. It states in the bible, “thou shalt not murder,” (duh) and I think that applies to the idea of a fetus. I believe that by aborting, we are playing God – choosing who should live, and who shouldn’t. After a phone call to the Lord via direct line: 0800 PRAYER, I decided to have the talk with Pistachio. After discussing her decision, I found myself agreeing with her. As much as I disagree with the act of abortions, in many cases it’s the right thing to do. Who am I to tell someone that what they are choosing to do with their life is wrong? That mini pistachio is better up there with God. And hopefully I’ll meet them up there with my tattooed soul.

*made-up name