August 13, 2018
Issue 9 2018
TV Series Review

Good Girls (2018-)

A show that says hey look girls can do everything guys can do, even lead lives of crime!  Yay girl power!

Although having a silly premise, the show does have an entertainment factor that allowed me to get through all 10 episodes for this review. Good Girls is based on three mothers, Annie (Mae Whitman), Beth (Christina Hendricks) and Retta (Ruby Hill), who are in one way or other struggling for money. They resort to robbing the grocery store where Annie works, but trip into a much larger kettle of fish when a criminal gang gets involved. Thus beginning a ten-episode streak of continual crime that they could easily walk away from.

The girls bounce from one self-centred destructive man to another. It leaves the plot giving the message that men are bad, even ones who do good things and women are good, even ones that do bad things. Unfortunately I found the three female leads completely unlovable – they’re just kind of dumb. Overall, it’s a poorly made show, and doesn’t really think of the implications of robbing $500,000 USD from a grocery store with ‘guns’ and how hard the FBI would come down on you for that. But if you suspend your disbelief, it can be an entertaining show at times.