August 13, 2019
Issue 09 2019
Review: TV Series


Recently nominated for the Best Comedy Emmy Award and voted as Best Show onTelevision by Vulture, Fleabag has seemingly come out of nowhere and into everyone’s hearts; rightfully so too, it’s incredible. The series follows the titular main character (who is a bit of a mess) as she is forced to overcome a personal tragedy while also dealing with her equally messy and unhappy family (saying any more would be crossing into spoiler territory unfortunately). The main character’s name is never revealed, she is only ever known as Fleabag and she constantly breaks the fourth wall to express feelings and her thoughts to the audience. This may seem like an overused trope at this point but trust me, it works perfectly and leads to some of the most hilarious and heartbreaking moments (the final scene of the show comes to mind instantly).  

The writer, creator and main actress Phoebe Waller-Bridge does a perfect job at portraying Fleabag and does an equally perfect job at crafting a realistic world with realistic character growth.

We will undeniably be seeing more of her talents in the future; she is absolutely incredible and I can’t wait to see what she does next. The supporting cast does just as well, with the highlights being Olivia Coleman playing the evil stepmom and Brett Gelman (Murray from Stranger Things) portraying Fleabag’s douchebag alcoholic brother-in-law. Fleabag is an arguably more artistic and deeper version of You’re the Worst (another five star show everyone should watch) where the humour doesn’t outweigh or counteract the emotions trying to be built in each scene. There are only 12 episodes overall with no episodes looking likely in the future, so while it may start a bit strange, if you persevere you’ll get to experience one of the best viewing experiences you could have from recent memory. It is hilarious, heartbreaking, incredibly written and perfectly acted; it really doesn’t get any better than this. 

Five Stars