August 13, 2018
Issue 9 2018
Music Review

Emma Louise, Lilac Everything

I’m not sure how I first heard about Australian indie-pop artist Emma Louise, but I fell in love with her song Underflowon her album Supercry in 2016.

You might recognise her song Jungle that was played on a Yves Saint Laurent fragrance ad on television. I hadn’t heard much else from her or heard any news about her until now - and what a change from her indie-pop music to now pitching down her voice on her new song Wish You Well on her forthcoming third album Lilac Everything.

It’s driven by piano and minimal instruments with a lot of emphasis on the vocals. I was not expecting to hear this from Louise, but I’m really excited about it. Apparently, the vocals on the entire record have been pitched down, and as a music student, I’m happy for her because she’s doing something different and out of the ordinary, something that I didn’t think was a possibility.

It’s also a very beautiful record, especially the song Mexico - it sounds almost like a Lana Del Rey song (in terms of instrumentation, obviously not the vocals). What Louise is doing is pretty bold, and such a shift for her, and I’m digging it. Her natural voice is so pretty and clean, and she’s just gone and pitched it down. She is totally stripping down anything recognisable of herself and being really bad-ass.

The record is set to be released on September 14 with a total of 10 songs, so you’ll have to sit tight and wait for the rest, but just from these two songs, I know it’ll be a great one. I hope this album gets the attention that it deserves.