September 24, 2018
Issue 11 2018
From the Prez

Emma - Issue 11

Elections are now on! It’s awesome that we have the opportunity to vote for who represents us to the big wigs on campus. I had the best time getting to know all the candidates at campaign day and watching the debate.

I know we're all super stressy right now with our assignment hand-ins and exams looming ahead... don't forget that your student association is here to help! MAWSA runs weekly Wellness Workshops on Wednesday's so check 'em out. Want to know where they're at? Check it out on the MAWSA Facebook page.

I cannot wait to see who will be looking after MAWSA next year, make sure you vote for who you believe has your best interests at heart when voting - head to to vote.

Don't stress too much about the next few weeks, WE'VE GOT THIS TEAM!

Much love,

Em xx