September 10, 2018
Issue 10 2018
From the Prez

Emma - Issue 10

Welcome back to your final half sem of the year!! I hope you all had a mint break and got some much needed rest in amongst working and catching up with family and friends.

As I’m sure you’re aware, the MAWSA elections are underway on campus. For those of you a wee bit confused on what the fuss is all about here’s a wee round up:

You have the opportunity to vote for who you want to be your representative for the head of your college (and other positions on the exec). These people have the job of making sure that students’ voices and opinions are heard on a higher platform.

MAWSA and the executive of students you elect do a heap of other things on campus as well as go to meetings on your behalf. But to make sure you’ve got the right person speaking for you you’ve got to vote.

Head to to check out all the election info so you’re not confused.

See you round campus!