July 30, 2018
Issue 8 2018
Music Review

Chelsea Jade: Personal Best

Chelsea Jade, a pop artist from New Zealand, has just released her debut album Personal Best after releasing a slew of singles. You may know her from her Silver Scroll Award nominated song Life of the Party, or from her old name Watercolours. 

I first knew about her as being in the same friend group as Lorde and found that she was an art school drop-out and an ex dancer, which has come in handy in her live performances, with two backup singers dancing with her in unison. 

I think she is very under-celebrated. Her lyrics are perfect and poetic for pop music and her songs have a unique sound, while being extremely catchy and familiar. My favourites would have to be Pitch Dark and Colour Sum where her light, whisper vocals are shown off beautifully. The song Laugh it Off has an intro that sounds very much like a 1975 song, but then jumps into a Chelsea Jade-esque song. 

My taste in music is forever changing, and it seems Jade’s is too. In 2014 she released Beacons as Watercolours, a silky, alternative pop EP. Now she is a fully-fledged pop artist.

If you like Lorde, Tove Styrke, Broods or Sigrid, you’ll probably like Chelsea Jade.