August 13, 2019
Issue 09 2019
Reviews: Film


“I missed you.”

“I missed you, I missed you so much.”

“It’s been one night.”

The film opens with two best friends dancing on the lawn before heading off to school for their last day before graduation, and that opening scene really sets the tone. Booksmart is about Molly and Amy’s quest to find the big high school party the night before graduation because they realise that even though they have worked hard to get into college, everyone else in the school they thought were idiots for drinking and partying are getting into those same schools, so they decide to finally have some fun. Sound familiar? Yeah, I too have seen Superbad, and pretty much any other teen high school movie. The difference here however is that Booksmart is exceptionally made; a hilarious, heart-warming and heart-breaking coming of age story that is within the top 3 movies of the year for me so far.

The directorial debut for Olivia Wilde is an incredible one which almost makes me forgive her for taking part in In Time. With a funny and realistic script capturing different high school groups and personalities as well as the relationships between young people, the movie really captures the essence of what it’s like to grow up. The talent in this film is also incredible; pretty much every actor is recognizable even if you don’t know where you recognize them from. The two leads do an incredible job: being hilarious, realistic and dramatic when they need to be. The supporting cast also do extremely well, with Billie Lourd (of Scream Queens and American Horror Story fame) being the standout character and Will Forte (the world famous MacGruber) hilariously shines with Lisa Kudrow in the limited screen time they share together.

While you have seen this movie before and it is relatively predictable at points and some of the ‘love’ aspects in the film seem a bit unrealistic and forced, the emotional beats still hit extremely hard and the film remains more than interesting throughout. The main focus of the film is undeniably the relationship between Molly and Amy which is undeniably where the film excels. Don’t miss it.

Four and a half stars