March 11, 2019
Issue 02 2020
Blind Date

Blind Date

What she said:

Free food, drinks and great company! Going on a blind date is an experience I won’t forget. On Wednesday I agreed to meet a complete stranger and have dinner - something that was easy to agree to at the time, but a tad nerve-wracking leading up to it. Nowadays you hardly ever meet someone without knowing anything about them. Facebook, Instagram and even Snapchat gives us the power to stalk so much about a person that when we meet them for the ‘first time’ we already know what they look like, where they have been in the last week and what they are interested in.

Going on a blind date takes all of that away and you actually have no idea what the person is like. I’m not going to lie it is pretty daunting not knowing anything! The hours leading up to it were a bit of roller coaster - telling myself it was totally fine, then completely freaking out!! I started to think about things like how tall would he be, what does he do and more importantly will he talk?! Just imagine sitting in a bar with someone that didn’t say a word - or even worse, didn’t show up! While I was getting ready I had to have a few drinks and a shot just to ease the nerves!

Gearing up to walk in was a mixture of sweating, wanting to throw up and almost shitting my pants! All that said, once I walked in and met my date I was fine. We had a crazy amount of similarities such as being born in South Africa, following a vegetarian/ vegan diet and wanting to move to Ireland!

I was pleasantly surprised at how easily we were able to
talk and after an hour I forgot that I had only just met the guy! I am glad I did it and it has definitely made me more confident to go out of my comfort zone and meet more people. If you ever get the opportunity to go on a blind date, go for it!!! It’s a crazy experience that definitely makes you appreciate the simple art of conversation and getting to know someone in person.

What he said:

When my flatmate hit me up to go on a blind date, I figured, fuck it what could go wrong. Turns out a few things. Rewind back to 6 o’clock when I got back to the flat, nerves sitting at about a 4/10, I decided I’d pre-load with a few delicious KGBs and double blacks. I was a bit pushed for time, so the drinking had to escalate to a higher intensity. Couple of shotguns later and I was feeling pretty cooked, ready to take on the world.

I arrived pretty much bang on time, and waiting for me at the bar was an absolute stunner. Exactly my type, petite blonde with a fat ass. Like a peacock in full mating mode, I strutted up to the bar to introduce myself. After a few questions back and forth, the lovely lady finally offered me a beer. It turned out this was the beginning of the end. About 30 seconds after I began sipping away on my pilsner, my actual blind date walked in and I had to be pried away from the beautiful barmaid. Don’t worry darling I’ll be back for you.

The date was not my type so my heart did sink a little having to be taken away from the pretty girl but hey, you never know. We were shown to our table, the dark corner felt like a bit of a dungeon in the corner of Meow. The chat was ok, kinda like hanging out with your Aunty that you haven’t seen in a while. There was one win though, I got to sit with a view of the barmaid and snuck in the odd cheeky smile.

The vibe of the restaurant went from a bit strange to fucking weird when a dude with blue hair begun a solo performance on the stage, singing about masturbation and his journey through life with a group of about 5 hipsters all looking identical swaying to the weird music. I felt like the night was wrapping up, and at this stage definitely wasn’t going to have a happy ending.

Ended up heading towards another bar, but realising a threesome was never gonna be on the table, decided to call it a night and head home to my girlfriend. Thanks Massive and Meow for a bloody good night, and barmaid if you ever read this, give me a call.