August 13, 2018
Issue 9 2018
From the Prez

Ben - Issue 9

Kia koutou,

Soon you’ll be seeing a new face here!  At the end of August, I’m moving on from MUSA to begin work advocating for tenants and renters right throughout the Manawatū and handing over to Nga our amazing Welfare Officer to take up the reigns as MUSA President.

From organising your chill times for Stress Free Study Week through to campaigning for improving student mental health, Nga has been an outstanding Welfare Officer and will continue to work hard as President! Not only that, she’s our first vet student President in a long time.  

It’s also that time of year to start looking for flats.  Know your rights, and if you’re getting a hard time talk to your friendly MUSA Advocate or the team at the Manawatū Tenants’ Union.  Most contracts say you need professional carpet cleaning before moving out. This is not enforceable, as long as the carpet is reasonably clean you are fine.  Take move in and move-out photos to prove it. It’s rights and top tips like these that will make your renting experience better.

Don’t hesitate to drop by whether you’re having a hard time, have some great ideas, or just want a chat.  Our door is always open.