March 25, 2019
Issue 03 2019
From the Prez


Hey team!

We are now a month into the semester - hope everything is going alright for you. We have launched Thursdays in Black, a campaign to increase awareness around sexual violence. The simplest thing to do to support the cause is to rock up in black on Thursdays (us execs and staffs are on it).

We have also organized a couple of small events every Thursday too. Let’s stand together to support this national cause!

Our by-election is now complete, and we have our new Clubs’ and Engagement Executive! Keep an eye out for the next issue to learn more about them. We are so excited to have our new exec member on the team, it is great to finally have a full team. We have been training them and getting them up to speed to serve you better.

You won’t see me here until after mid-semester break, so have a good one, relax and refresh, and I’ll see you after the break!

Meity Tang