Changes proposed at Annual General Meeting

This year will see changes made to the Albany Students’ Association (ASA), according to 2015 Education vice-president Georgia Breckell.

At the ASA Special General Meeting on March 18, Breckell said that while they weren’t proposing any constitutional changes right now, “it’s sort of just advance warning that over the course of this year the ASA will aim to redesign the constitution.”

She added that “this has just occurred because over the last few years changes have been made to the constitution to suit certain needs at the time and it’s become a bit contradictory in places and so we’re just going to clean it up…make it a much clearer and concise document.”

The redesigned constitution would be posted on the ASA’s website once it was completed, with ASA members able to review and comment on the changes. It was anticipated that the new constititution would be voted on at the next Annual General Meeting on July 22.

A new Clubs Code of Conduct was also proposed at the Special General Meeting, by 2014 Recreation and Clubs Representative Michael Horrell.

According to Horrell, the proposed Code of Conduct gave students and clubs “more of an opportunity to gather feedback.” He said that “the reason that we wanted to put [the Code of Conduct] in is because when it comes to a complaints process we don’t have a way of dealing with those even if it is a complaint against a club, we can’t go through the normal Massey procedures…so this is kind of a way of us being able to deal with it.”

The Code of Conduct was designed so that there was “an emphasis on the club actually policing themselves,” with consequences for unresolved complaints including the club not being able to “access the club grants scheme unless under exceptional circumstances.”

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