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Interview with Jan Thomas

September 11, 2017 0

Jan Thomas was announced as the new Vice Chancellor of Massey University earlier this year. Thomas replaces former Vice Chancellor Steve Maharey in the top role. Massive’s Adam Pearse had the opportunity last month to sit down with and former [Read More]

Massey’s own queen of DIY

August 14, 2017 0

Many students may find themselves glued to television screens for the latest series of The Block NZ. But what you might not know is contestant Yanita McLeay is a Massey University student. The 29-year-old has paired up with her best friend [Read More]

I feel like I’ve seen this movie before

August 14, 2017 0

By Charlie Pearson Millennial: a person reaching young adulthood in the early 21st century. But is that all the word means? Obviously not, I just thought a rhetorical question would be a nice way to start this piece. I would argue that [Read More]

Artist Feature: Jerry Ramirez

August 14, 2017 0

Jerry Ramirez studies fine arts at Massey University and recently finished an overseas exchange in California. While there he made a performance art video which went viral. It has over 500,000 views on YouTube and was posted on many blogs including George Takei’s Facebook [Read More]

Shitty student flats

August 14, 2017 0

This year, the shitty state of student flats right across the country has been a talking point. As students struggle to make ends meat, their quality of living takes a hit. Many now have to deal with mould, leaks, creaks and [Read More]

Are Millennials really the ‘Me’ generation?

August 14, 2017 0

By Adam Pearse What word comes to mind when you hear ‘millennial’? Lazy, Selfish, Entitled? I wouldn’t blame you because these are some of the terms that embody the millennial generation for most of the population. They are themes that [Read More]

The pros and cons of being a millennial

August 14, 2017 0

By Taryn Dryfhout You’ve probably already heard the stereotypes about Millennials – we have short attention spans, we’re lazy and have no work ethic.We feed off technology, have absolutely no life skills, and need our mummies into our thirties. Technically [Read More]

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