Call to reduce food prices on Wellington campus  

By Jamie-Lee Bracken

Penny pinching students are calling for prices at Massey’s only Wellington cafe to be reduced further.

Tussock Cafe is the only campus cafe on Massey’s Wellington campus, serving a wide range of customers, including students, staff and campus visitors.

The price range of food at the cafe is now concerning some students who say options are not affordable for those on a tight student budget.

Second year Bachelor of Communications student Elizabeth Samuels says she is aware the cafe has to account for a range of customers but feels more could be done to reduce prices.

“I totally understand but there should be some kind of compromise from them or the university,” she says.

Student Savannah Wagner says she now brings her own lunch because of the prices at Tussock.

“If I have to eat on campus I usually take something because I do think their prices are a bit too high and I don’t want to pay that.”

However, Tussock Cafe Operations Coordinator Jeremy Hanna says a number of factors determine price including the cost of ingredients, staff labour and general cafe expenses such as power, rent and insurance.

Hanna says as they operate partly as a service to students, they aim to keep prices below that of what a typical Wellington cafe would charge.

“We regularly review both our range of food and pricing to ensure we have a variety of healthy options, cover an array of dietary requirements and that our pricing is appropriate for the item and clientele,” he says.

Hanna says Tussock offers cheaper items like the ‘hot meal of the day’ as a filling meal to students.

However, healthier options are often more labour intensive which is why the price can be higher.

He says Tussock is always looking to improve both product and service and he welcomes feedback from all customers.

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  1. I think its a joke. You can get a decent feed so cheap here, if Tussock were to further lower their prices, there would be less staff and less options. If you arnt a fan of tussock, cross the street and get your $3 chicken and chips.

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